Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo Session

Back in January we were honored to be asked to take part in a photography project for Michael Kitada Photography.
Here are some of the shots from that session:

catch up Part 2

okay, so this is the rest of Christmas and New Years...I'm so behind!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

another intermission...look alike contest

Just because this is fun to do!
So do you think Samuel looks like his mom?
Sam: a couple days old

Esther: a couple days old (sorry it's a bit's from 1978!)

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Monday, February 16, 2009


I never posted a happy birthday to my awesome son!





Happy 1st birthday my sweet Samuel! Mommy loves you!
I also missed my even Awesomer husband's birthday!
Happy 29th Brock! I love you more than life!

Getting caught up, part 1

So I'll try to get you all caught up.
Brock and I had almost 4 days of no kids with my family in Las Vegas! Brock's wonderful mom flew out to stay with the kids...have I mentioned before that she is AWESOME?!
It was such a blessing to get away and we are soooo grateful to my parents for paying for everything!! What a way to vacation! They are so generous and we think they're pretty awesome too!
Vegas: (I have more pictures, just waiting on some from other cameras...they'll be in Part 2)
Katherine, me, mom, Erin, Claire (will be my sister Feb.28th!), and Jessica

This is my Vegas luck! I put $5 in a slot machine and won $100!! I bought Prada sunglasses with it!

Love how Brock is smiling while me and my sisters look like cartoons!

Way too silly!

goofing off in a souvenier shop...we did a lot of goofing off!

We came home from Vegas on the 23rd, then on the 24th the 5 of us flew to VA to spend the holiday with Brock's family. We spent a week there with them. Brock's sister and husband even took that whole time off of work to hang with us! It was super cold (I know not as cold as where some of you live, but it was really cold for us!) We got to see other family in PA and MD was just a really fun trip, not restful only because we slept in the same room as the kids who don't think they need to sleep through the night when on vacation, whatever! It was an awesome Christmas.
That was the first holiday we've spent with them since we've been married. We had Thanksgiving with them when we were dating. It was the first day I ever met them and we left at 5am and drove in a Towncar for two days to Oregon. Good thing I fell in love with them right away (I'm told it was mutual...but with my nonstop talking I don't see how that is possible:o)
Here are some pictures:
It was cool to have Mama Bea flying with us

Samuel had fun trying to drink water from a cup...I think we had more fun than him though.

Sam's 1st Christmas!

His first stocking ...he was very serious about everything in it.

Hey...I didn't make it...but I like it!

Reagan hanging out with daddy and Grandpa

Where is Samuel? (his pj's look like Christmas wrapping paper)

Reagan and Uncle Joel with the birthday cake for Jesus!

we went out for a walk Christmas evening, it was and my girl!

Sam all bundled up...we did add the blanket to his legs

my sweet girl sees something she likes...

window shopping! a girl after my own heart!

Sheets/Johnson clan

we drove to PA to visit more family
Reagan got to spend some arts and crafts time with Ella

Riding the quad with daddy

riding with Grandpa too

playing in the!

those boys have to be up to no good...check out that scenery!
we spent some time in MD with MORE family!
Reagan and Torah with Great Grandma Mom-mom

sleepy Samuel with Mom-mom
So, blogger keeps messing up my post when I add pictures so I have to break this into two posts to preserve my sanity! Part 2 comin' at ya ASAP!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bear with us

Hey all...okay so obviously this year has started out to be not so good for me with the blogging updates. For those of you who haven't heard, Brock got laid off from his job on the 9th (interesting start to '09).
Well, things are going fantastic! Here is Brock's update he sent out:
"Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers over the last week! I know that I haven't provided any updates, but that's because I've been SO BUSY with new ventures and opportunities... PRAISE THE LORD!!! God is providing a miracle just as expected and prayed for.
Thanks to your prayers, and the faithfulness of the Lord, my phone and email have been flooded with job opportunities.
As I have been praying, I haven't been hearing, "Update your resume and get a job." Instead, it's been a message of, "Rely on me, and I will sustain you."
On Sunday (2 short days after my lay-off) I was approached with an opportunity to do some sales and marketing consulting for a business owner in our Church. This has gotten my wheels spinning and I'm praying about pursuing consulting as my steady form of income. This obviously carries significant risks, but I keep hearing, "Rely on me, and I will sustain you." So, I've begun this project as a step of faith. When it ends in a few months, I am trusting that the Lord will provide another project or opportunity. So... it looks like I'm self-employed... (gulp)
That leads me to my second BIG request for prayer in the last few weeks. Please pray that the Lord would make this current project a success, and future projects would come quickly. Pray that this transition is smooth for our family, and we work out the logistics quickly.
And... here comes the plug... PLEASE forward my information to anyone you know who could use my services. I'm focusing on innovative sales, marketing, and distribution techniques to help small businesses grow. I've gained a wealth of experience in these areas over the past decade. (Hey, I can't be a sales consultant without selling myself... right?? :-)
But most importantly, please continue to pray for us.
Thanks for your prayers and support!

-Brock Sheets"
Now, I tell you all this because, though having him working from home is a dream of mine, he is hogging the computer! That situation is in the process of getting fixed in the next couple of months, but until then it may keep my updates spotty...I even have a Christmas post ready and waiting for pictures to be added to it...just takes more time than I can have right now.
We'll work it out and you'll have more posts to enjoy soon.
Love to you all and a huge THANK YOU for your prayers!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to my beautiful daughter!

Today is Reagan's 3rd birthday...all I have to say is that she gets more amazing and beautiful everyday. God blessed us more than I could have imagined by giving us this source of joy...our wonderful Reagan Joy.


And now: (today is a happier day)
Happy 3rd Birthday my sweet Reagan!!