Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our liberal daughter and everybody poops

A couple days overdue on this post but it is worth the wait...

We have the news on very infrequently, but if you have it on for any short amount of time inevitably you are going to hear something about the upcoming election and the candidates. Well, there is one in particular that is fairly easy for a two year old to say...I'll let you hear for yourself.
(This in NO WAY indicates who we support for our next president, it's only our little 2 year old parrot)
Our liberal daughter:

One more funny. For a while now, Reagan has become a bit modest when it comes to her bodily functions (still done in a diaper...don't judge me!)
So when it is time to change her and there is a fragrancely challenged present for me, she gets embarassed. So I have come up with a way to get her to not be embarassed about it. I simply tell her that everybody poops. Then we proceed to go through the list of everyone we know (mostly related to) who poops. So if you are reading this, you have probably been mentioned as one who poops. I appologize for disclosing what goes on in your most private of times to my two year old! But my motto these days seems to be, "You gotta do what you gotta do!"

Here are some pictures to enjoy: (click on picture for album)

Monday, August 18, 2008

The "Mick-icks"

Mick-icks = Olympics
Reagan is loving the "Mick-icks" as much as we are. She asks to watch them and she likes Michael Phelps!! And Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson!
Go USA!!

2 year old vocabulary part 2 (and of course a few pictures)

Part 2 of our 2 year old's vocabulary:
wad = wand
Dabo = Pablo (from Backyardigins cartoon)
teeble = table
awmum = awesome
ferk = fork
boon = spoon
myfe = knife
beef = leaf
mameea = camara
cake-cake = pancake
merk = milk
en-din = fire engine
bub = bib
moth-meedo or mee-dos = marshmallows
a-nane = airplane
muth = mouth
cowkth = couch
goo-een = green
woo = blue
gayk-hew = thank you
O-on = on (yes, on is a two syllable word)
ging-key or bee-key = binky
di-diss = princess
And some of my favorites:
Sami-yer = Samuel
mums = drums (which she pretends to play with everything!)
oh doot = oh shoot
farur-workth = fireworks
neenee-nand = Disneyland
kurch = church
oat-not-na = oatmeal

and no post can be complete without a few pictures,
click on picture for album:
Aug 08 #2

watching the hula dancers at Granny's luau...Reagan LOVED them!! she just kept asking for "mer" whenever they stopped.

beauty runs in the family! Granny and Reagan


waiting for "farur-workth" at "Neenee-nand" with our good friends Melanie and Andrew.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

lots of fun and an appology

I must start by appologizing to everyone...I committed to posting at least once a week and here it is two weeks have past since the last post. So I publicly appologize to you all.
Okay...getting on to this post.
Here is an album to check out...lots of fun stuff!

And for those with trouble getting to the album, a few highlights:

Mommy and Reagan

goofing off

Mommy and Samuel

Reagan shaving just like Daddy

Sam loving his play mat

you do what you gotta do to get a hot meal (instead of having to hold a bottle while your food gets cold)

Reagan and Daddy playing with dry ice

here is why we had dry ice...Mama Bea overnighted two dozen or so Maryland crab covered in Old Bay seasoning for daddy's half birthday. Never had it? it's definately an experience!!

we needed help with all those we called a few friends...Rick had a blast, Christine...not so much, and Phil...notice his distance

Samuel's first spoon fed meal...mmmm...rice cereal

gorgeous Reagan