Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Like a fish and time with Daddy

Samuel took to the water like a fish! He was so comfortable he just floated there sucking his thumb kicking his little legs completely relaxed. I only held his head because he kept turning it side to side and getting water in his mouth, but he can totally float all by himself! Soooo cute! I suppose babies just have a knack for the water. I'll try to get a video next time.

My two little fishes!

Love Auntie Ta ta ta (Jessica)

So happy

Daddy and Samuel time:

"Hey mommy, isn't it crazy how much he looks like me!?"

Teaching him the facts of life

Happy boy loves his daddy

I love to suck my feet

just chillin' watching Modern Marvels

That's quite a look

That's mischief if I ever saw it!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nice butt

Two posts in a row! I'm getting good!
This is worth posting at midnight!

Brock bent over to open the blinds behind the couch today and his rear end peaked out a tiny bit...I said, "you have a nice butt" (I know this is too much info to share, but #1-he's my husband and he does have a nice back side and #2-it's hilarious what happened next).
Mommy - "you have a nice butt"
Reagan - "Nice"
Mommy - "Nice?"
Reagan - "yeah, nice.....butt" little laugh..."daddy, nice butt"
A whole LOT of laughter followed!

P.S. for those of you who read the post about our trip to get "doo-dits", we came home close to 11:00pm tonight and we were almost home when Brock and I reeeeeally wanted Krispy Kreme again. So we passed our street and headed over to K.K. again...Reagan enjoyed 1/3 of her beloved "doo-dit" at like 11:45pm! (does that make us bad parents...doughnuts before bed and a bedtime of close to midnight for a two year old?)
How do you like our new look? LOVE it!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

purple crayon on the couch

So this is what happens when a two year old takes a purple crayon to your couch cushion. The craziest thing is that I was sitting right next to her while she did it!! I suppose I was so absorbed in my show and nursing, I never saw it happen. (Note to self: always keep your eyes on the two year old when crayons are involved!)

We really want to be proud of our little artist!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

3 cute/funny things

#1 One morning we were having breakfast and I was sharing mine with Reagan and we were making a big deal about the fact that we were sharing. I ran upstairs for something and I heard Reagan yelling up to me.
Reagan - "Daddy!" (he was still sitting with her at the table)
Mommy - "Daddy?"
Reagan - "yeah, Daddy...share"
Mommy - "oh, Daddy is sharing with you?"
Reagan - with a sigh, "yeah...nice guy."
We laughed for a long time...

#2 So, one evening we were watching Modern Marvels and it was about snack foods, (funny that was the subject since most of those shows are about things like jet engines, worlds tallest buildings, biggest machines, etc.) anyway, they started talking about doughnuts (it's like 7:00 in the evening while we're watching this). Reagan starts to ask for "doo-dits", we tell her that they're only on tv and we'll have them another day. Well, she gets really upset and starts to cry for "doo-dits". We laugh and tell her "another time baby"... I look over at Brock and he is grinning, (it's that grin that is saying I want something but not sure if you'll agree). He just simply says, "Kriiiispy Kreeeeme".
About 30 minutes later we're driving to Krispy Kreme.
Here are some pictures of the extremely happy little girl who wanted "doo-dits":

she was very excited about the hat

absolutely in heaven enjoying the glazy-goodness

note the glaze covered face...and forehead and hands and shirt and skirt and neck and hair...

#3 this is what happens when you let your two year old "help" your 5 month old jump in the jumper.
(sorry for the knocking sound...I'm still learning to use our new camara and I keep touching the microphone part)

what it looks like when a two year old takes a purple crayon to your couch!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2 year old vocabulary (and some pictures)

Our 2 year old's vocabulary:
nady = lady
berks = books
eeth = shoes/socks
gooma = grandma
mummer = plummer (we have a plummer across from our house)
ninner = dinner
deez = please
dooth = juice
dink = drink
cauking = talking
mosh = mouth
and my personal favorites:
kickers = tickles
doodits = doughnuts
(there will probably be a part two sometime...there are lots more!)

Here are some pictures:
out like a light after an evening walk...he likes to hold the binky instead of suck on it.

Reagan's first Sunday school hat...she made it all by herself...well, mostly...I don't think they gave her the stapler.

trying out the jumper for the first time...he got it right away!

I think he likes it?

Reagan helping...cute but frightening video coming soon!

now trying out the jumper at Grandmas

he likes this one too! and is just as good at it.

Monday, July 7, 2008

camara happy!

Okay, so I've just got to accept that as a mom it's okay to be a little camara happy with your kids.
Here are a bunch of pictures taken in the last week, including a couple videos. (I have way more pictures...this is narrowed down!)
(click on the picture for the album)
July 08

I hear some of you don't have the capacity to easily view these albums so here are a few of the best shots for you to see easier:

fourth of July

patriotic baby

cutest kids ever!

sleeping angels...they look a lot alike huh?