Sunday, June 29, 2008

Big Girl bed!!

Reagan has graduated into her "big girl" bed. I once again found myself a bit sad and maybe shed one small tear at this new stage in Reagan's life. It seems like yesterday that we were moving her into the crib.
I wasn't sure when we were going to do it and knew it was coming soon, but I just didn't trust her to have that freedom just yet. Well, the day came a little over a week ago I told Brock that I thought I was ready to change her crib to the bed. He said he was thinking the same I guess it was time.
It was exciting and sad at the same time.
Reagan was very excited and loves her bed. It's been a week now and she has only gotten out once without permission and that was only because the trash truck came (just under her window) and she about comes unglued when he comes every week...she wasn't about to stay in there if she didn't have to. She came screaming down the hall and I was okay with that, (okay with her getting out of bed, not with her being scared).
Anyway, here are some pictures of the big event:

She definately wanted to help.

She loves getting in and out by herself.

First night sleeping in her "Grrl Grrl Ded" (big girl bed in 2 year old)

Good morning!

Here is her room all cleaned and fixed up, ready for her to play in, (she only slept in her room up until now).

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

kids say the darndest things!

You know you've watched one too many Design show reveals when your two year old starts to imitate the homeowners reactions. I often watch HGTV's Design on a Dime while nursing and Reagan has come to love it. In fact most mornings I have this conversation:
Reagan, "Nemo?"
Mommy, "No Nemo baby"
Reagan, "Dine?"
Mommy, "you want to watch Design on a Dime?"
Reagan, (quite enthusiastically) "Yeeeeeaaaah!"
So the other evening Brock and I heard her saying something...we asked each other, did she just say that? Finally we figured out what she was saying and we told her to stop. A little while later I caught her on tape "talking on the phone" saying it again: (cute video at the end of Samuel too)

Another funny story, after dinner one night we were having some of those awesome Mother's Cookies, the Oatmeal one's with the icing on top...yummy! Well, needless to say Reagan looooves "coookeeeth" (that's cookies in 2 year old). I was on the couch and Brock was in the office and we had given Reagan half of a cookie. She came and asked me for more,
Reagan, "Mer cookeeth?"
Mommy, "no more cookies tonight"
Reagan, "deez, mer?" (please, more)
Mommy, "no baby, no more cookies"
then, she started tiptoeing away slowly while looking at me.
Mommy, "don't be sneaky and try to get some from Daddy"
Reagan, with her arm stretched out and palm open as if to say, I got it mom, and nodding, "Daddy"
She walked into the office and went to Brock (who had the cookies),
Reagan, "Mer cookeeth"
Daddy, "No, no more cookies"
Reagan, "Mommy"
Daddy, "Mommy said you could have more?"
Reagan, "Yeah, mommy......two"
Daddy, "Mommy said you could have two cookies?"
Reagan, "yeah" with a HUGE smile on her face.
Deception is starting to be practiced...

(note: had to remove the music from this site since there are and will be videos posted that require undivided attention.)

Friday, June 20, 2008

HUGE picture album and welcome to our new blog!

Blog still under construction!!
Okay, I've been working on a new template for this new site and it isn't coming along very quickly. So, a generic look will have to do for now and this isn't complete yet. In the meantime, a LOT of pictures (even a couple videos) have been taken and I'm sharing them all in one post...I'm really sorry! My friend suggested I break them up into smaller albums...I wish I would have thought of that before I spent most of a day sorting through pictures and writing in captions...I need good advice BEFORE I do dumb things!
So, here is the album...remember there are like 400 pictures so proceed only if you have a little time to spend looking...or stroll through at your leisure, come and go as you please...whatever makes you happy, but they are all worth seeing (coming from a bias opinion).
Sorry for the long wait....again! and sorry for making you sit for soooo long looking at my family...(I know you love it though).
Apr-June 08

P.S. Do you like our music on here? (doesn't always work properly though)
Also, just a cool fact, Reagan's blog got aprox. 12,180 visits since it's conception on January 2, 2006. We'd like to thank everyone who has visited and continues to visit our blog to keep updated with our family. It's actually a little sad to be changing to a new blog...the closing of an era I guess...anyway, thanks and we love you!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

coming soon!

Hi everyone! We're coming to this site soon! We are still at but this week we should be up and running here.
I'm really slacking in this blogging thing lately!
Sorry to our regulars!
Believe me, I'll make a big stink about our new blog as soon as I get it going!
Love you all!